Using soil with the proper nutrients your landscaping needs is essential.

Let’s talk about topsoil…

There are various grades and blends of topsoils, or just soils. Some are better for specific uses than others.


The most common is topsoil. Screened and sifted topsoil refer to the same type of dirt. This is where the top layer of the earth is scraped up. It is then run through a “screener” to remove rocks, twigs, grasses, and other debris. The finished product is usually a brown color. It can be considered a “sandy” topsoil or “heavy” topsoil. Sandy topsoil does not suggest that sand has been added to the soil. It just means that the area of the earth where the soil was scraped from was of a sandy or loose base. Heavy topsoil generally is a bit darker in color and has more of a clay base. Screened topsoil is best used to spread on new or existing lawns for seeding. It can be used for potted flowers and flower/shrub berms. However, our recommendation is to use a different grade for this application. One ton of topsoil is equal to one yard of topsoil.

Michigan PeatPeat or Michigan Peat

This soil is a rich black soil that was dredged from a bog. It is very similar to potting soil purchased in a bag. While this is a rich and fertile soil, it is not suitable for lawns and lawn seeding. When this soil is dry it is very light in weight. If it is spread on a lawn, when it rains it will just wash away. However, if you wish to have a bit more fertile soil, it can be tilled into a lawn for seeding. This is an excellent soil to use in container gardening and indoor potted plants. One ton of peat is equal to two yards of peat.

Topsoil/Peat Blend

Here at Hollow’s Landscape Supply, our topsoil/peat blend consists of approximately 70% topsoil and 30% peat. This blend can be used in lawns if richer soil is needed. Topsoil/peat blend is recommended for flower gardens and berms where shrubs or trees will be planted. We also recommend the topsoil/peat blend for use in tree planting. One ton of topsoil/peat equals approximately 1.20 yards of topsoil/peat.

Compost or Topsoil/Compost Blend

Compost has about the same texture as Peat. While still black, it is generally a lighter black in color, sometimes it is almost brown. Other than color, and being dry and light in weight, it is a different soil than peat. Compost is organic material decomposed into the soil. The organic materials can be green matter (grass clippings, branches, crabapples, pumpkins, vegetable peelings, etc.), brown matter (leaves, untreated wood, straw, etc.), and other matter (eggshells, manure, coffee grinds, etc.). Uses for compost are the same as peat. At Bushel Center of Hollow Trucking, you may request a topsoil/compost blend in place of a topsoil/peat blend. One ton of compost is equal to two yards of compost. One ton of topsoil/compost is equal to approximately 1.2 yards of topsoil/compost.

Hollow’s Green Garden Blend

This blend is primarily recommended for vegetable gardens. The blend is approximately 50% topsoil, 19% peat, 20% compost, 10% 2ns sand, and 1% glacial rock dust (organic mineral). The topsoil provides a clean base. The peat and compost provide excellent nutrients for your vegetables. 2ns sand is a coarse sand with tiny stone flakes in it. The 2ns sand breaks up the soil and keeps it loose throughout the season. The organic glacial rock dust promotes the healthy growth of “good” material, which chokes out the bad. It is safe for all plants, animals, and children. The organic glacial rock dust does not burn, accidental overuse will not be a disaster! We have several repeat customers that just love this blend for their garden. Don’t want the glacial rock dust in your order? No problem, just state your request at the time of your order. One ton of Hollow’s Green Garden Blend equals approximately 1.25 yards of Hollow’s Garden Blend.

Fill DirtFill Dirt

Some folks ask for really cheap soil as they just need some dirt to spread around. We do have a supply of inexpensive fill dirt. $12.00 for as much as you can get in your pickup truck or 14 yards delivered for $275.00 within a 20-mile radius of our yard. However, the fill is from construction sites. It can contain debris. It is suitable for filling in a swimming pool hole. It could also be used for a berm that is just going to be covered with rock or mulch, and not have anything growing in it.